A grunge rock bar venue with an underground feel - Capacity: 250

Bluebyrd Stage is a 2,500 square foot nightclub equipped with sound system, performance stage and light show, and full service bar.  This venue also contains a turn-key permanent casino. 

This space is ideal for private nightclub events, a variety of live music shows and showcases, comedy nights, private parties, and casino night fundraisers. 

Other events we've facilitated in the past include Performances, Weddings, Concerts, Corporate Events, Memorials, Private Parties and More!

Other features of the venue include:

  • 12 x 32 foot Performance Stage
  • Dance floor
  •  Licensed, staffed and fully stocked bar
  • Full PA sound system
  • Lighting includes stage lights, dance lights, spotlights, etc
  • Private parking lot controlled by security

*    Events with a bar must be 19+. Renters are not allowed to run their own bar.   

**    Blue Byrd Stage does have kitchen space.  We do not provide catering. Renters are able to bring in their own.   

***    All of our venues are located in the Flamingo Hotel block of Whalley, Surrey.  Surrey RCMP District 1 - City Centre is located right beside this block and patrol the area on a regular basis.